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OEKO TECH - Water-jet cutting technology - Glass cutting

Cutting and drilling holes in a brittle glass is not a problem in the case of water-jet cutting technology. Customers representing various industries confirm the versatility and cost-effectiveness of water-jet cutting systems, in various applications, from cutting intricate stained glass to making holes in the glass.

If you can draw something, you can also cut it. And it can be CORRECTLY cut out.

Drilling holes with our water- jet cutting systems is easy, as is the stained glass cutting at the other end of the application spectrum. Etching and breaking is not necessary if water -jet cutting systems are used, that is why the material is used more effectively.

Cutting bullet-proof glass using a water -jet is a simple task for Flow company systems. Ballistic glass can withstand 50 caliber bullets, however, it is cut quickly and efficiently by the water jet of our systems.

The technology we use allows us to make holes even in the most fragile glass. Furthermore, water jet cutting systems do not delaminate the material and allow the maintaining of structural integrity.

Exceptional cutting quality
Glass resistant to hurricane wind speed is another important area for water -jet cutting. According to the new regulations, the use of such glass in windows and doors in all new buildings in certain locations is required.

Because of the coating/polycarbonate structure and laminate material, cutting glass of hurricane-resistant wind speed using traditional methods such as incision and breaking or using diamond saws is very difficult.

Regardless of the type of glass, we can propose the use of water - jet cutting systems to facilitate process improvement and increase productivity.

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