In- plant production

OEKO TECH - Water-jet cutting technology - In- plant production

Both in the case of cutting prototypes and making short series of complex parts, Oeko Tech company offers a variety of solutions to meet customer requirements.

The ability to accurately cut with water- jet in accordance with dimensional tolerances makes it possible to make optimal use of the material by producing smaller parts from wastes that have been useless until now. This means less wastes quantity and cost savings.

The low-temperature cutting process using a water - jet makes it possible to achieve higher quality edges and save time and resources designed to date for additional processing.

Water - jet cutting systems are an economical, near-net method of making parts. Taking into account the minimum requirements for tools and quick setup, you can always ensure compliance with parts dimensional tolerances.

For cutting elements having a thickness of 203 mm, made of inconel, titanium, tool steel or other material stream of water is sufficiently versatile and can cut a variety of shapes from a variety of materials in accordance with customer requirements.  This versatility means that you can use a variety of materials to process a product using a single device.

The water stream can cut any shape in most materials from plastics and composites to metals, glass and even foam.

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