Metal cutting

OEKO TECH - Water-jet cutting technology - Metal cutting

Abrasive cutting systems are the optimal solution for burdensome but profitable applications such as titanium, Inconel® material, brass and tool steel (typically aluminium and steel) cutting.

Abrasive streams cut material from a thickness from 1.6 mm to 203 mm in large or small quantities. Usually tolerances are 0,08-0,127 mm, but you can also get even tolerances of 0.03 mm.

Due to the absence of mechanical stress, thermal deformation or heat affected zones (HAZ), in most cases, additional processing can be eliminated. The material can be laid stacked in order to increase productivity. Configuration and fixing takes only a few minutes.

Water streams make a narrow cut, so you can nest parts or perform multiple parts in a single cutting cycle to maximize material use. This means less waste and greater savings.

In the case of cutting 203 mm thick components made of inconel, titanium, tool steel or other materials, the water jet is sufficiently versatile and allows the cutting of various shapes from a variety of materials.

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