OEKO TECH - Technologia cięcia strumieniem wodnym - Mach 3

The Mach 3 Series offers the most reliable ultra-high pressure pump, intelligent process monitoring and unique optional equipment integrated in the most technologically advanced water-jet control system available on the market.

Dynamic XD system is a unique technology that allows you to cut 3D elements 2 to 4 times faster with more precision in cutting corners and details with smaller dimensions. The kinematic system allows the cutting head to be tilted in any direction by correcting the imperfections of the water- jet with the use of complex mathematical models to compensate for the jet delay and its bevel which are natural phenomena in the water-jet cutting process.

Simply select the material type from the extensive database of the studied raw materials types, enter the thickness and the element will be cut with remarkable precision with the first time.

The main advantages of Dynamic XD:

Fast lifting and lowering controlled by precision electric drive

Positioning with feedback control allows adjustment in a closed system for the Z axis.

Movement range up to 60°.

Ability to work under or over water.

Vertical movement range 152 mm.

Easily accessible cover protects critical, precise components.

Calibration of laser cutting head cutting using Flow's company unique Flow Dynalign™ system ensures the maximum precision!

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